Entrepreneurs Corner New Year Retreat 2020

Theme: Your Roadmap to Success and goal Achievement in 2020( how to finish before you start)

Have you ever found yourself feeling completely overwhelmed and unsure of how to get yourself unstuck when it comes to your Business?

You have been in business for a number of years, and you feel like you’re spinning,not moving ahead as you would like and your not sure why.

Don’t stay stuck,waiting for clarity.

Instead do something by attending Entrepreneurs Corner New year Retreat with Dr Jay Ugwu.

You can’t learn to Fly a plane by reading a book. It requires learning new skills,discussion with someone who knows how to do it,a dedicated approach to learning and enhancing your skills.
It is time to create a customized and strategic road map for your life and business.

Venue: Valencia Hotel 44 Blantyre Street,Wuse 11,Abuja

Date: Saturday 11th January, 2020

Time: 10am- 4pm

Attendance Fee: N15,000

Early bird Registration: N12,500

(21st-31st December, 2019)