Book Summary

I AM – Howard Falco


I am now an open channel for all the richness life has to offer.

“Do you think this book showed up by accident?

This is just one of a million ways you consistently bring yourself answers. If not for your questions and curiosity, you wouldn’t be reading this now.”

Howard shares his personal story of enlightenment. He began asking some of the bigger questions when he was 14 yrs old. On his 35th birthday he woke up married, with two kids and even though from all outward appearances he looked happy and successful he felt “incomplete and unsettled.”

“I realized that I was endlessly seeking to experience an idea that I imagined of self-perfection. I was chasing a vision of achievement, completeness & self-acceptance that I could never seem to catch.”

His moment of enlightenment occurred after a seminar he attended for work on developing the mind-set to become a highly successful trader in the financial markets.
He began challenging many of his long held beliefs and when held up to the light they began to dissolve one by one.

As he let go of who he thought he should be it removed the resistance to who he truly was and in that instant he became free.

With this newfound freedom came a certainty, a clarity, a perfect understanding of spiritual literature and the world around him. And within this understanding came a peace and a love that was limitless. Howard learned how to truly allow the answers to his questions to enter his awareness and will share with us on this journey of how to do that for ourselves.

Are you really ready to turn seeking into realizing? “How you interpret who you are in this moment is what is determining your present experience of life and what lays the seeds for your future.”

I accept that all things are possible with intent and belief. “Behind every “thing” there is no “thing” except for energy.
Intention or the will to exist is the force behind all of creation.”

CHAPTER 01: You are Energy and Matter

  • Everything is energy, including us.
  • Intention is the most powerful thing in the universe.
  • All living matter expresses intention, including plants and rocks.
  • Nature is always expressing the intent to survive, as are we.
  • Science has proven the power of groups (whether plants, animals or humans) and we know that when the group focuses on the same thing it increases the odds of it happening.
  • Thus making social integration an integral part of life.
  • As humans we no longer need to focus our energy on survival i.e., shelter and food; but we now focus our energy on fitting in and social acceptance.

“The need to fit in is so strong that the more a person longs to feel connected to or accepted by others, the more willing that person will be to give up the powerful capacity of independent will or thought, and submit to group behavior and thought.

Out of fear of social exclusion for having ideas that run contrary to the group, strong thoughts and feelings are often repressed. This fear causes people to ‘sell their soul’ in exchange for the perception of acceptance.”

  • The only thing constant is change.
  • We are constantly changing and evolving based on how we perceive the world and ourselves within that world.
  • We live in a world of relativity, constantly comparing ourselves and defining who we are based on other people.
  • The decision available to you in each moment of each day is whether or not you are going to allow others to define who you are, or if YOU are going to define who you are.
  • This awareness that you are in control of your reality through the choices you make is the essence of your personal evolution or ENLIGHTENMENT.
  • Your destiny is to endlessly create and express who you are.
  • Life is thus all about awareness, cultivation and experiencing new possibilities.

“Evolution is creation expressed.” Creation is the process and evolution is the measure of the process.

CHAPTER 02: You Create Matter

What I found the most amazing out of this chapter was when he talked about a research experiment done by some scientists who were studying the nucleus of an atom.

  • They found the atom to be made up of particles.
  • They exhibited what is called “particle wave duality.”
  • Under certain conditions, they appear solid (particle-like) andunder other conditions they appear formless (wave-like).
  • This means that at the subatomic level of ALL things in existence, Matter is Potentiality – based on your own
    perception Rather than Certainty – based on a certain reality,

“The conclusion reached by scientists is that the observer determines the experience of what is observed.”

This is just so amazing I can’t hardly even stand it!! It proves quantum physics and the whole idea that it really all is an illusion based on our perceptions. So if we go back to you create your own experience of life, the meaning we attach to our experiences is based upon our perception and how much it “matters” to us.

For example, if your aunt whom you were very close to dies suddenly and then your aunt whom you barely knew passes you will experience two very different feelings and emotions based upon your perception and how much
the person or thing mattered to you.

Hence, our experiences are based upon our perceptions and how much it matters to us, how attached we are to it.
We create our reality by becoming aware of the possibilities that are available and through “thought” and “intention” we begin to manifest more or less of what it is that we desire.

For example, you become aware that you don’t like something in your life. By thinking about how much you don’t like it (aligning with your ego of lack and fear) you create more of it, but when you move back into alignment with love and light (the true nature of your being) desires begin to ignite in your heart and suddenly you come up
with creative solutions to change your current circumstance.

“Every single thing in creation occurred first and foremost as an awareness of what was possible. With belief and intention anything is possible.”

Experiencing what you don’t want helps you to create what you do want. And all of our experiences help us to evolve and remember who we really are.

“You have come forth from the field of infinite possibilities for a perfect purpose within the matrix of life. On this journey through life you will soon see that every situation you encounter has a purpose and meaning.”

When you resist the truth of what the event has to offer, you extend the experience of it. Something is matter and
impacts you until it doesn’t matter anymore.

The cause of all suffering is attachment. ~ Buddha

I affirm my desires with unwavering faith.

CHAPTER 03: You Decide What Matters

Again, we move back to the Buddha “Attachment is the cause of all suffering.” So when we are attached to things being a certain way then when they are not that way we suffer.

We also often block or avoid truth if it may threaten our belief system and what we believe we need to protect our self.

Falco gives the example of a woman whose husband is having an affair. Everyone can see it but her. She turns a blind eye and rationalizes his actions because to see the truth would shatter her belief that she has a loving, faithful husband.

“Every moment of every day, information comes into your awareness and is compared with all of what you believe to be true. The information that challenges your long-held beliefs is the most valuable and it is what is at the heart of the evolution of your self-awareness.”

That’s why it’s so important to be well-read. My favorite quote is “Five years from now you will be the same person
you are today except for the books that you’ve read and the people that you’ve met.”

It is in reading and processing the new information that you are able to challenge your beliefs and evolve, awaken. This new information helps you to perceive the world differently and it is through your perception that you make
meaning of your experiences.

“How you react to each situation is how you constantly create each part of your reality. This energy that you send out actually ripples out and has a certain effect on all of mankind. This is why everyone contributes to the effect of what all of us experience. This is the collective energy that shapes the world at any given moment.”

So not only do you have an incredible effect on the collective consciousness through your own personal thoughts and feelings but the collective consciousness is continually affecting you…your moods, your feelings, your awareness.

Remember, we are all connected. When I can be in a state of love and grace despite my circumstances I have great
power and influence on the world at large; likewise, when I am deep in my pit of pain and overcome with negativity and despair I have great power and influence on the world.

If you’re not part of the solution; you’re part of the problem.

“It is the resistance you hold toward any experience that keeps you in the imbalanced state of mind. The moment you accept the event or object for what it is and what it represents in your life is the moment the matter or issue will begin to have less impact on your reality.

All of my actions reflect my intentions.

CHAPTER 04: How you View the Universe

You are constantly creating your view of reality through your 5 senses.

“Sensory data, if it is already known and stored as memory, is categorized. If unknown, it is analyzed. If unwanted, it is rationalized. When it is finally understood, it is realized.

Your reality is based upon how you feel about yourself and what matters to you. It is also based upon what you believe to be possible. If you don’t believe it could really happen, it is more unlikely not to occur within your reality. Our beliefs about what is possible also affect other people.

For example, if someone comes in to stop smoking and I look at that person and think to myself “they’re never going to be able to quit, there’s too much stress in their life” this has a DIRECT negative impact on their success.
Research has proven this. Likewise, if a client comes in to stop smoking and I look at that person and think to myself
“I can see they are really serious about quitting, this is going to be really easy for them” this has a direct POSITIVE impact on their success.

“The thought I AM is the genesis of you. How you declare yourself through the beliefs that begin with “I AM”
dictates your moment-to-moment reality.”

This information proves to us that we need to be careful and watchful of our “I AM” statements. So when you say, “I
am really angry” remember that the power of “I AM” is double that of any other statement. So release that thought and move into, “I intend to be more peaceful and less angry.”

We create our own limiting beliefs and blocks for self protection (many times unwarranted and subconsciously)
through I am statements based on fear and lack.

I am unworthy. I am undeserving. I am unlovable.

In every moment we have the opportunity to recreate who we are simply by choosing again.

I am worthy. I am deserving. I am lovable.

When you can visualize these new beliefs, really “feel” them even if you have to pretend at first, eventually you’ll be able to reprogram the subconscious mind and heal the limiting beliefs creating a new reality of love and hope.

“We don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are.” ~ Anais Nin

Every day I strive to expand my awareness and understanding of who I AM.

CHAPTER 05: How You Define Yourself

It is not your gene pool that defines who you are it is your belief about your gene pool that defines who you are.

“Your level of acceptance or rejection of your genetic characteristics will determine many of your beliefs about your self-image.

These beliefs give a context to the content of you, which gives the meaning to the matter of you.”

The way your primary caregiver and people in your world relate to you especially at a young age shape who you are.
“How your genetic nature is nurtured throughout this life span determines how much these characteristics are a
predominant part of your life.”

So if you have genetics that indicate you’d be a good athlete, yet you were never encouraged to go out for sports or get involved in athletics you would not develop this “hidden” potential you have. As well, if you had parents that drank and fought all the time early on in their marriage and when you came along they stopped drinking and fighting, you would not be as likely to inherit issues with alcohol or anger.

So whatever is nurtured grows and whatever isn’t lies dormant or dissolves.

“The lack of the feeling of “mattering” is the basis of all suffering.” Most addictions, including weight and shopping
addictions, come from not feeling like you mattered while growing up. As humans we come into this world with an
incredible need to belong because we feel lost and abandoned.

After being in heaven in the space of unconditional love and light it is a VERY difficult transition for most to make and we carry this pain of separation from our “true” home with us our entire lifetime or until we realize that we were
never really abandoned.

We remember the truth: Our heavenly family is with us every moment, we are not alone, we do matter and we are
eternally loved, honored and supported.

“To understand that many of the long-held thoughts that define how you look at life are instantly changeable may prove to be one of the most powerful and liberating realizations along your evolutionary journey.”

I always tell people, “Now that you know what you know, don’t live your life by default anymore. CHOOSE AGAIN!”

We don’t have control over the thoughts that come into our mind, but we do have control over the thoughts we dwell on. Switch the channel, get up and move around, read a book or watch a movie but don’t allow that mental madness to continue to pull you down that rabbit hole.

I am consciously aware of what I am thinking, feeling and believing.

CHAPTER 06: How You Experience Your Self-Definition


There has been much said about the “ego.” Actually we need the ego to exist but the ego need not control us.

“The ego is neither a good nor a bad aspect of your being.
It is simply the active part that responds to your surroundings to protect the view that you have created of yourself: I AM.
The ego is simply something to understand.
The ego is not against you, it is for you.”
Your ego is not something you wrestle or fight.
It is not something to be destroyed in order to find contentment and peace.

Our ego is that part of our consciousness that is trying to protect us. It’s like an automatic mechanism that kicks into gear keeping us safe and from harm. Our ego is exactly what we have created it to be, it is always in service to us. Almost like the fight or flight instinct.

“The ego’s purpose is to give you a specific experience in the universe.”

Most people think that they are not in control, that their ego is like a 2 year old having a temper tantrum wreaking havoc in their life. But the truth is that YOU are in control.

When you become aware that you are saying or doing things because your ego is trying to confirm a belief you hold about yourself or your reality (I AM depressed and in debt) you simply CHOOSE AGAIN (I AM happy and abundant).

And eventually it will happen less and less until your spiritual being will be FOREMOST in your saying and doing
and the ego will only exist to keep you grounded in your human body. The ego will no longer need to confirm who
you are because you will know it at the core of your being, you will become one with your truth.

“The more you can learn to find acceptance and love for yourself as you are in this moment, the less impact these external events will have on your state of mind. Whether you believe it or not, you are in control of how you interpret the experience of life. The work your ego does through the way you act and react to the events of your life will always reveal the degree of this acceptance and love.”

Essentially, be gentle with yourself. Live in this moment and feel the richness of being present in your life. No one says you have to love what’s going on in your life.

The goal is to have your ego operate on a much more powerful level of self-acceptance and self-love instead of false illusions and realities. Being able to find love and acceptance for YOURSELF is the key.

I am forever aware of the words I say to myself and to others.

CHAPTER 07: How You Create Your State of Mind

Your perception of your reality creates your state of mind. Those who are more enlightened such as monks and spiritual teachers have a more balanced state of mind and we find that they almost glow. It is very relaxing and calming to be around them because there is no conflict or disharmony in their mind.

This state of mind is attainable for everyone because it is the essence of who we are…love, light and harmony. It is
your destiny. The state of mind you seek is here and now.

“It only requires your awareness and acceptance of “what is” in this moment–the phrase “what is” meaning what is known as the truth. This is the understanding that everything that exists in this moment is perfect, including you. Embracing this truth is the only thing required to set you free to experience this beautiful state.”

So again, we move back to self-love and self-acceptance. With the birth of the new earth on 12/21/12 we are in the
midst of the dawn of a new age where spiritual enlightenment is now within everyone’s reach. The state of nirvana and bliss is now the “new normal.”

“In each moment you are in one of three states of mind: negative, balanced, positive.”

The next step is to examine what belief system you are holding that is keeping you stuck in this pattern of resisting
what is and believing an illusion…. “Life is unfair.” Allow yourself to embrace the truth….
“Everything is always perfect in this moment.”

The third step is to focus your attention on what it is you do desire. “I desire a harmonious and loving relationship with my spouse.” And then imagine that in your mind and what it would feel like.

“Your state of mind is always based on your last thought.”

CHAPTER 08: Why You Have Emotions

Emotions show us how balanced we are. When we have strong, dramatic emotions it is a red flag that we are out of
balance, when we are feeling loving and peaceful it is confirmation that we are in balance.

“Your emotions expose the degree to which your energy is out of balance. The more out of balance you are energetically, the more pronounced and intense your resulting emotions and aura will be. Your emotions are designed to help you rebalance and achieve a more tolerable state of mind.”

When there is chaos and disorder it is a call for rebalance and structure.

“All chaos manifests for the same underlying purpose: to restore balance. The process of releasing charged energy (chaos) is a natural effort to escape disharmony and return to a more tolerable existence. AKA, catharsis.”

When you are at one and at peace with your self the less likely you are to be thrown off balance by what the world
confronts you with on a daily basis.

“It’s important to let your emotions out when you feel them because when not restrained, emotions provide a cleansing and rebalancing that allow us to be in the best possible frame of mind to accomplish what we desire. They also allow us a litmus test of how tuned into and accepting we are of what we experience in our world.”

Within the negative state we are constantly beating ourselves up or angry with what is. In the balanced state we
realize that we don’t need things to be a certain way in order to be happy, we can be happy anyway. In a positive
state of mind, things are going well for us and we are enjoying this.

“Each life experience offers you a choice to accept or deny what is.” When we accept we can move out of our pain and ego more quickly and become or stay balanced and when we deny we jump right down that rabbit hole of negativity and darkness.

“The amount of time you focus on a thought that you resist is directly related to the amount of time you’ll spend in an unbalanced state of mind.”

Awareness helps you shift out of negativity and back into balance. When you become aware that you are thinking
negatively the first step to shift back into balance is to think about something that brings you joy… your children, pets, something you did or made. Anything. It is in focusing on something that brings us joy that we can shift out of

CHAPTER 09: Why You Have Need and Addiction

“The desire to be alive and experience life automatically places each of us in a constant state of need. We are all addicted to self-creation, which enables us to know that we are alive and matter in the world.”

We came here to this life to “experience” more of who we are in physical form. Our desire to constantly become
more of who we are creates needs and sometimes even addictions.

Addictions are often created to help one attain a different state of mind. When you don’t like the state of mind you
have, i.e., anger, loneliness, depression, you may look to external things to shift albeit temporarily.

The path to healing requires self-inquiry. To really examine and look deeply into the underlying cause of the constant shift to a negative state of mind.

Once you become aware of the belief system or thought pattern that sends you head long down the ‘rabbit hole,’ you can begin to dismantle it and see it for what it really is…an illusion based upon a false reality you created with your own ego-based perception of your experience(s).

Remember, the truth WILL set you free. And the truth is that only love is real.

External experiences are never the CAUSE of our emotions. We often hear people say he made me feel bad or he hurt me.

“It is never the person who says something that causes hurt, or even what the person has said, but always the listener’s interpretation of it.”

In every moment we can allow or disallow other people’s words and actions to hurt us or not to hurt us. Remember,
when it no longer matters…it is no longer matter.


1. Money: Filling your life with “things” allows you to avoid the true root cause of mental unease and suffering.

“What really impacts the people in your life is not what you do or what you have, but rather WHO you are.”

2. Codependence is defined as being psychologically dependent on a relationship with another person for your balance, happiness, and sense of peace.

“The fear of loneliness and isolation is so pervasive that many codependent people easily submit to the demands of the other and allow themselves to be constantly manipulated.”

3. Gambling: Compulsive gambling can be defined as the addiction to random reward.

“The intent of gambling addicts is elevation in their state of mind through anticipation of winning, which expands who they believe themselves to be.”

4. Sex: “Since the way in which a shift to an abundance of positively charged energy occurs is through the experience of creating yourself anew, it is no surprise that one of the biggest and most powerful shifts occurs through the natural ecstasy of orgasm.”

I personally believe that this is the reason for so much promiscuity, not only in the media and in our teenagers but it’s running rampant amongst adults across the globe.

5. Alcohol & Drugs represent the “magic pill” to numb the mind of pain associated with anxiety and depression from the pressures of life. “Many are looking for relief from the feeling that life is not going the way they want.”

6. Vanity “Receiving the attention of others is one of the strongest ways of confirming we are alive.”

“True outer beauty emanates from an inner spirit of self-acceptance and self-love.”

7. Food Has become an addiction for millions of people across the globe. Many use food to help elevate their state
of mind.

“Hard is a relative term and can turn into easy based solely on the will of the addict for change. The way this happens is by identifying and then changing the sponsoring thought that keeps them using food to feel better.”

8. Other Includes, smoking, ling, cheating, tattooing, people pleasing, sleeping, personal drama, meditation, tv viewing, computer games, surfing the internet, gossiping, perfectionism and any other activity deemed necessary by
an individual to feel alive or to find balance.

“If you are seeking a permanent end to a “need” or an addiction, your view of the world will need to be examined. Personal inquiry will be your path. Ultimately, this process will lead you to the core selfidentifying I AMs that are driving the current truth of your life. Your eagerness to open to and accept the answers you receive during
your reflections will reveal the true state of your will to experience a new reality.

The main challenge for family and friends is to accept the addict with unconditional love. Resistance to your current
circumstances only creates more of it.

“What we resist persists.”
And even though it may seem counterproductive, when you move into a state of grace with whatever the circumstance presents you with one of two things will happen 1) either the person will change or 2) it won’t “matter” any more.

“When it no longer matters…it is no longer ‘matter.’

It is in the processing of information that we turn words into wisdom!

CHAPTER 10: Why You Have Yet to Experience the Reality You Desire

If you don’t like what’s happening in your life you need to look at what is going on inside you. All change occurs
within first and without second. Most don’t get this concept. That’s why you see people drift from relationship to relationship because they think it’s “the other person” who is the problem. The problem is always you and how you are “perceiving” your reality.

When it no longer matters, it is no longer matter and will cease showing up in your physical world within your
perception. Ever notice that everyone is driving a white car? Now when you go out WHITE CARS will be in the
center of your attention. It’s not that everyone is driving a white car, it’s just that now you have brought it into your
awareness and you notice WHITE CARS more than any other car. When white cars no longer matter they will cease being the center of attention in your physical world.

“Frustration is nothing more than the fear and refusal to accept where you are in relation to what you desire.”

What frustrates you? When we recognize that the ego is preventing us from being present through our frustration we become aware that we can choose again. Frustration takes us out of the present moment and sends us into worry, fear, anger, denial, blame, etc.

You don’t need anything. Need is an illusion. Love is the only thing that’s real.

“Whether you are confronting undesirable realities relating to your children, your marriage, your love life your finances, your health, or your job your reality won’t change until you accept the truth that the experience is offering you. The answers to your questions always exist but only become apparent when you are ready to receive them.”

So you may ask, How do I accept the truth of the experience? First examine how you are feeling about the experience. You will know that you have accepted the truth of the experience when you check in with how you are
feeling and there is only love and forgiveness.

Once you’ve accepted the truth of the experience the way will be shown to change it.

“A big part of the path to living a more peace-filled life is understanding exactly what is causing you to become unbalanced and why. (stress in one’s life seems to be directly related to not enough time) Time begins to dissolve the more you ask the right questions, allow the answers in, and then take the action that aligns with the answers. This all needs to be done without expectation of a certain outcome. There is nothing wrong with intending an outcome but the most powerful creators know better than to expect certainty in a universe where anything is possible.”

There are several things to consider within this passage.

1) The first step on the path to peace is AWARENESS.
“What is causing me to be unbalanced? Why?” When I ask people this question I usually hear “I don’t know that’s why I’m here, you tell me.” So, simply take several deep breaths. Surround yourself with your spiritual counsel. Go within and ask the question. Imagine being open to receiving the answer. Now, let the question go and just be in the place of love and light. Supported and surrounded by spiritual beings here to help you. TRUST.

2) Time. Time is an illusion created by the ego (our belief systems) that keeps us powerless in the past or future all in the guise of protection. When we truly embrace that nothing is more important then the NOW and that we are powerful beyond measure in the NOW time will literally dissolve and all the stress that goes with “not having enough time.”

3) Release expectation of a certain outcome.
Many people get confused about this part. When you are manifesting or praying you want to ask for what you’d like
but always end with “If it’s in my highest good.”

Example, Please bring my friend the perfect job, at the perfect time for the perfect salary whatever is in his highest good and in alignment with his divine plan. I let go of all expectations and know that everything is always in perfect and divine order. Thy will be done.

When we “expect” something to happen and then it doesn’t we get angry and upset and BOOM we’re out of alignment and have closed ourselves off to receiving, but when we trust that the Universe is working in the highest good of all and accept the current situation with love and grace we stay in alignment with the divine plan and remain open to receiving in divine time.

CHAPTER 11: Why You Have Resistance & Fear Change

Change is occurring all around us in everything we see. It is a natural order of the universe. Everything is constantly
expanding and evolving to become more of what or who it is. That is the drive to survive and exist. It is within the
resisting that the eruption of expansion may occur. It’s okay if change doesn’t feel good. Finding that place of love and acceptance will help you move through change with grace and ease.

“To become free from any resistance and any suffering you feel in your current reality, one of two things has to change. Either your circumstance must change or your beliefs about your circumstance and what it means to you must change.” Marianne Williamson shared on Oprah’s Soul Sunday that if someone has wronged you or upset you pray for them.
One of two things will happen…. 1) Either that person will begin to change or 2) You won’t care anymore.

So often times, we are afraid that if we don’t react to a situation we are condoning it. It is possible to stay in love and light and not condone the person’s actions or the experience you’re having. You are POWERFUL when you are in love and light; a state of surrender, acceptance.
You are POWERLESS when you are in fear and anger; a state of resistance, being stuck.

“If you could have done better in a past moment, you would have. You are always doing the best you can in each particular moment of life. The acceptance of this truth has the power to bring an incredible amount of healing and relief. Regret is an illusion that only serves to keep one stuck in time.”

There are a lot of people that spend a lot of time beating themselves up over things they’ve done or things they’ve said. Living with regrets takes up a lot of energy and squeezes the love out of your heart. Truly embracing the truth above is TRANSFORMATIONAL.

One of my favorite authors, Byron Katie, says… Everything happens exactly as it should. How do you know this is true? Because that’s exactly how it happened. Who are you to argue with the truth? You are always doing the best you can in each particular moment in life. When you know better, you do better.

“Failure is positive because it means you’re in the process of developing the necessary awareness related to your ultimate desired experience. The only question is: Will you choose to persist on your journey long enough to achieve it?”

“The only approval and acceptance you EVER need in your life is your own. When this liberating truth makes its way into your consciousness you will achieve FREEDOM of any ‘need’ from the world. You will no longer have to rely on other people or other things to make you feel good about yourself. You will be able to draw from the infinite wellspring of abundance and love only found within your own heart & soul. Your divine connection with source, with all that is. Limitless, Unconditional, Infinite Power.
Good-bye, Fear. Hello Love!


I know it seems simple and trite, but loving yourself is the first place to start. If there are any issues or problems in
your life the place to begin is the person staring you back in the mirror. Change begins with me.

“To love and accept yourself just as you are is the crowning mind-set. In this mind-set you no longer hold yourself back from what you desire. You realize that you are just as worthy as everyone else who has come before you and fulfilled his or her dreams.”

I Love Myself Meditation With that said, I want you to take a deep breath. And another, filling your lungs and your belly. Exhaling out peace. And then one more time nice deep breath in, and then slowly exhaling out. Good,

Now place your hand on your heart, and feel the weight of your hand. Imagine it is God’s hand and he has come to tell you everything is going to be all right. Everything is okay.
Really. You’ve done nothing wrong. Everything is exactly as it should be. How do you know this? Because it is exactly
how things are. Stop arguing with what is and allow yourself to simply flow with your in breath and out breath.

Imagine being all that you can be, having all that you could have ~ whole and complete. Now imagine your crown
chakra opening and a beautiful beam of light coming down from heaven and as it touches the top of your head you
begin to instantly feel LOVED, accepted, cherished, honored, COMPLETE.

Take all the time you need in this moment, bathing yourself with the love, light and life force of God. When you’re ready take a deep breath and come back. Feeling relaxed and safe. Knowing at the core of your being that everything really is okay. All is well.

“You are now aware that the past and the future do not exist, and that all you ever have is NOW to decide, declare, and act as you desire to BE: “I AM.” With this comes the power of being able to create your own reality. When you open up to these truths unlimited possibilities lie before you. There is nothing holding you back anymore from all that you have ever dreamed of being.

When you accept your unlimited potential as truth it allows you to tap into more of your creative potential to create.

I AM an infinite source of love for myself and for others. I AM in control of the creation of my life, and it originates, as it always has, from who I decide that I AM right now. These two I AM statements are incredibly powerful and by repeating these daily you will begin to release more of your unlimited power to transform yourself and in so doing will have a direct impact on the transformation of the planet.

CHAPTER 13:Your Desire to Ask Questions

Howard explains that the first step to harnessing this power that you hold is to ASK A QUESTION.

It is within asking the question that creates an opening to discover the truth and embracing new ideas creates change.

“In a mind that resonates with a complete state of peace there are no questions. In this state of harmony all is seen as perfect, there are no desires or needs, only a complete sense of fulfillment.”

A complete sense of fulfillment – how sweet that sounds. When the desire is born to understand you open up to
wanting to know the truth and begin the self discovery process of asking the questions. You stop living on auto
pilot and begin to desire something deeper and more meaningful. This is your soul rising up, ready and waiting
to be revealed. This is the truth of love shattering the illusion of fear.

Howard talks much about how to collapse time and it is worth noting because as we move into the 5th dimension and begin living from our soul’s expansion vs. our minds limitations we are truly able to harness this power and
accomplish a great deal.

“As the questioner, you have the free will to accept or reject the answers that arrive in your daily reality. A quick awareness and acceptance of these answers is actually what collapses your experience of time, where your resistance or rejection of this information adds to, or expands, your sense of time.”

So, say you are looking for work. If you are in a place of fear, time will do the opposite of what you desire. If you desire time to move quickly so that your job arrives soon it will feel like it’s taking forever. If you desire time to slow down so you can enjoy your lesiurely days time will fly by, but if you accept whatever arises within your reality with love and harmony time will be on your side, thus you will be able to “collapse” time.

“You can only experience what is not resisted as a possibility.”

I love this quote as it speaks to the idea that you have to believe you can before you can. For example, if someone is incredibly successful and dripping with money and someone says to you,
“What an awesome life that person has. That’s where YOU are headed, that person doesn’t have anything you don’t. That could be you.”

And upon hearing that, you instantly say, “That would be awesome but, I could never be that successful and rich.”

Even though that is absolutely a possibility you’ve just DENIED it by not allowing yourself to believe it could be true. BUT, on the other hand, if you were to respond, “Oh yeah! I can feel the Universe blessing me with every good thing RIGHT NOW and I am successful and just as incredibly rich as that gal.” It is the degree of belief in yourself to do, be and have anything you desire that moves you forward or holds you back.

CHAPTER 14:Your WILL to Accept the Answers

When we accept “what is” with faith and love in our life we are in alignment with our highest good, when we reject
“what is” with fear, anxiety, and depression we are out of alignment. Change cannot occur and blocks cannot be removed until there is an acceptance, a surrendering to the powers that be. All that we desire is within our grasp.

“Reality will loop through similar occurences until you tire of the repetition.”

I think we can all relate to asking ourselves “Why does this keep happening to me?” Keeping ourselves in balance
when those around us are out of balance may be difficult but not impossible. For example, when someone expresses anger it is merely an attempt to restore their inner balance. If you engage with the anger, then the person has accomplished his energetic mission of pulling you into their drama. By mirroring the angry person you confirm their belief in hostility, competition and conflict.

“You have fallen into the trap of validating his illusion and his anger by getting angry and giving his story more energy.”

How many times have we fallen into this trap? When you are tired of the drama that engaging with irate people creates you will begin to seek a better way and hence change the energy you send out in the next situation.
Remember, when it no longer matters, it is no longer matter. Thus you will stop bringing these experiences into your reality and the loop will dissolve. It is only looping because of your attachment to something within the experience (fear, shame, guilt, feeling unworthy, pride, regret, anger, embarrassment).

“After the crippling energy of fear, shame, guilt, and regret has been dissolved, you are free to create your desired life from the only state of mind that remains: LOVE.”

When someone is angry and you choose to stay in “love” and compassion what occurs is a shift. Not only a shift in
your own energy but a shift in their energy, because instead of adding your fuel to the fire of anger you begin to create a new fire, the fire of LOVE.

When you add your fuel to the fire of love it not only diminishes their fire of anger but each and every time you do that your WILL and power to stand in love despite the circumstances increases exponentially.

“When you are operating your life from a loving perspective, there is nothing but answers–and they come into your view in every way imaginable…books, newspapers, magazines, TV, movies, people, billboards, dreams, etc.”

CHAPTER 15:The POWER to Make New Choices of Being

If you believe you are strong, confident and secure you will make a completely different set of choices and choose a
different path than if you believe that you are weak, incompetent, and insecure.

They say that the first 5 years of a child’s life are the most important because they are in a state of CONSTANT
hypnosis. Everything you say to them sinks deep into their subconscious mind because they have no filters.

Certainly it’s critical to be aware of this, but I also believe the coming of age years, 12-16 are just as important especially in our day of promiscuity and desensitization.

At any rate, the choices we make are a compilation of all the years of our life all the way down to inutero! And every
moment of every day you get to CHOOSE. If you don’t like what you have – choose again.

“While others’ intentions, choices, and ultimate destinies are their own, who you choose to be and how you choose to express this has a significant impact on those in your life. This is a critical turning point in the material presented to you in this book. The way you regard or value other people along your journey is part of what influences who they believe they are.”

It is like a ripple in a lake. What you do and say reaches all across the world. Even just a smile which allows another to feel “seen” has the power to ripples across the universe in a positive or negative way. It is the little things that have the greatest impact. And often times you are simply planting seeds and you may never know the good that was created from that seed. You simply need to TRUST and know that your love has the power to change the world as we know it.

“NOW is the only moment you ever have in which to decide and declare who you are and, thus, how you will experience this reality called life. The power of choice is the power of the universe that exists within you.
If you claim this power through understanding the infinite love and perfection that you are, eternal peace and tranquility will be yours.”

This really can’t be said enough and every time I hear it I hear with new ears. As we move into a stronger vibrational
frequency of love staying in the present moment will become the new normal, but until then, you need to gently
bring your attention back to this moment as it wanders into the future or gets lost in the past.

I was watching Eckhart Tolle on Oprah’s new Soul Sunday show and the question was “I’m having trouble sleeping at
night. How do I shut off my monkey mind?” Eckhart paused and said: Take a deep breath. Now feel the energy in your hand. Some feel a warmness, others may feel a tingling now as soon as you notice that and are ready, move onto
another part of your body, maybe your feet or your arm.

When you bring your awareness back to your body, your breathing you take it out of the mental chatter of Self and
into the spiritual essence of your Soul.

CHAPTER 16: Your FAITH to Take Action

“Your actions are always a direct revelation of who you believe you are. Anytime you choose new actions it demonstrates that you believe something new is possible for you.”

This is a perfect chapter to analyze as we embark on a New Year. “If you don’t take action with the goals you set they
are only wishes unfulfilled.” Action really is what changes our reality. The first step is awareness but without acting
upon the creative ideas we receive after we have become aware that we desire a different reality it is simply wishful

That was the main problem with the famous book and movie “The Secret.” Everyone was looking for the quick fix,
just imagine it and it will be they said. But what people quickly discovered is that magic is for magicians. Without
the belief in oneself and the action to move you toward your goals you are back to square one.

“Your thoughts and actions will begin to change and evolve in a more positive way as your faith in yourself deepens.” The only thing that is standing between you and your desire to do something is your belief in yourself. The #1 thing that makes you different from someone who has already achieved what it is that you desire is their belief in themselves.

Each of us has unlimited potential to be, do, have and create whatever it is that we desire. And even just simply believing this statement increases the probability of it manifesting for you in your life.

So for example, you don’t like your job, relationship, or don’t feel like you can be yourself. You have 2 choices.
1) Change your perception of your current circumstances
or 2) Take action necessary to leave your job, relationship

“Embracing the energy of faith is the tipping point to a new experience of life. Faith is fear’s kryptonite, and it opens up a new world of infinite possibility for you.”

Begin with the end in mind. Imagine what it is that you desire and how positively FABULOUS that would be!! Now
hold onto that and begin to ask the question, “If not this (what I’m currently experiencing, the job, the relationship,
etc), then what?” or group.

If not this, then what.
Take time everyday to meditate on your question(s) and allow space to listen for the answer. Believe and TRUST that you are moving in the right direction as you listen to your intuition and follow the guidance of your heart.

Fear says: “I AM not.” Faith says: “I AM.”

CHAPTER 17: Your LOVE of You

“This love is what leads you to the beautiful state of acceptance of the world around you. It is also what brings you to the recognition that you are always choosing the conditions that create what ‘will be’ in your life.”

Such a simple, yet poignant truth. Everything comes back to how much you love and honor your SELF. If we spent
half as much time trying to please ourselves as we do other people this world would be in a much better place. I’m not talking about selfishness, I’m talking about selfless love for our humanness and our human journey.

If we had any idea how much the spiritual realm honors and respects us for our mission here on earth we’d never
need another human approval again and loving ourselves would be incredibly simple and easy.

The universe can only respond to the identity you truly believe you embody. Consciously creating life is a repeating cycle of five steps:

1. ASK your questions – Desire
2. ACCEPT the truth of your answers – Will
4. ACT on this belief in yourself – Faith
3. CHOOSE who you are (I AM) – Power
5. EXPERIENCE the perfection of the results – Love

When you manifest your reality the universe is simply mirroring back to you what you are putting out there. So if you are feeling lack, frustrated, lonely then the universe brings you more lack, frustrated, lonely.

The key to changing your current circumstances is to fake it ’till you make it otherwise you’re only going to get more of what you’ve gotten that you don’t want. So with that said, moving into gratitude for what is and focusing on unconditional love for your self and others, and having the faith that there is a perfect plan and it is all for your highest good will bring into balance with the natural order of harmony and into alignment with abundance.

You want me to “pretend” that I’m happy?” YES!!! Because happy brings you more happy and the Universe doesn’t know you are “pretending” but the most important thing is that your BODY doesn’t know you are “pretending.”

Physiologically your body will react as if you are actually “happy” bringing along with it surges in serotonin and all those other feel good chemicals our body produces when we’re happy. So Cool!!!

“The most powerful creative I AM statements you can make:

1. I AM worthy and have purpose in every moment of life.

2. I AM the creator of my experience of life.

3. I AM matter and therefore I matter.

4. I AM love and I AM loved.

5. I AM who I decide I AM.

6. I AM that I AM.

When other people’s opinions and ideas of who you are no longer matter is when you have reached the ultimate level
of self acceptance; herein lies true peace.

Appendix A – The Question-and-Answer Process

This is a free flow writing exercise:

1. Find a quiet space. Light a candle or use aromatherapy to create ambiance.

2. Take several deep breaths and center yourself.

3. Meditate on the most important question in your life for 1 minute.

4. Write the question on a piece of paper.

5. Immediately after you write the question write down ANYTHING that pops into your mind. Words, pictures,
images, shapes, symbols, emotions, feelings, sensations no matter how silly or unimportant.

6. Keep writing until there is nothing more that comes.

7. Do not read through what you have written until you are certain you are DONE.

You may be amazed at what you learn about your question when you use this process.


1. Write down your desired experience in great detail.

2. List 5 I AM statements necessary to accomplish this task.

3. List at least 5 action statements for each I AM statement.

“Committing your desires to paper strengthens the energy of their manifestation.”

It is in the processing of information that we turn words into wisdom!