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FU Money – Dan Lok

Money buys you time–and time translates to the freedom to pursue happiness and personal growth, the freedom to help others, and the freedom to do whatever you damn well please. Change doesn’t come without pain.Money is the root of all good


FU is anything that makes you free. True liberation.
“Money is a mirror an examination of your money and the way you use money is a way understanding yourself in the same way that a mirror provide a way of seeing yourself”~ Michael Phillips
Cause the more you have the more you think the more you need.
You all will agree and every single hand will go up to the ideal life. Why don’t you follow up, how the hell help if you don’t help yourself first. When you constantly think about money you are consumed by it. Be clear about what I want what you want in life. Then you should make your FU money as soon as possible

FU money is the “enough is enough” number. You got your fu money when you make so much that you can live your desired lifestyle, do whatever you please and never have to worry about money ever again.

(Dan Lok) I wrote FU money to show others how they can make their fu money. The book isn’t for everyone. It’s a ‘no bs’ approach. I’m direct, I write as I speak and I use profanity. If you get easily offended, the FU money isn’t for you.

The FU Money Formula For Success

Maybe you are thinking “this sounds nice and all but how do I get my FU money? How do you make so much money that you don’t have to care about other people’s opinions never again? What would it mean for you to live life on your own terms? To do everything you want, anytime you want.

When you have that FU money, you never need to work for a boss 😉😉again. You could travel the world. Or sit by the beach with fancy drinks each day.

Myths That Keep You From Making FU Money

Nearly all successful people got where they are because they went against the grain. Think about it,if conventional wisdom would make you rich, then wouldn’t everyone be rich? Go to school, get a job, work till you are 65, play it safe. That’s the common advice we hear

But that’s not the FU money lifestyle. Why should you only have a life after you are 65? Why not right away? I say go against conventional wisdom and live the life you want as soon as possible

Myth #1 | Money Can’t Buy Happiness

The first conventional myth that is holding you back from making your FU money is this. Broke people tell themselves “money can’t buy happiness” to feel better. But from my own experience I can tell you, poverty doesn’t make you happy either.
Rich people, they look quite happy to me. Why? Because they have the freedom to do what they please. They live life on their own terms. So I would say having money would make you very happy

Myth #2 | Rich People Are Assholes

There is this common idea that rich people are assholes. They can’t be rich and nice, right? Nobody can have it all. The truth is there are rich people who are nice and rich people who are assholes. Same goes for broke people.
Money doesn’t change you. It amplifies what was already there. So when a nice person gets rich, they only become nicer. When a horrible person becomes rich, that will amplify too.
If you continue thinking that rich people are bad, then you will never become one of them.

Myth #3 |  You Can Afford To Wait

Most people act like they have eternity on this planet. When in fact, your time to make your fu money is very limited. Can you really afford to wait?
The interesting thing is, most people in North America will become millionaires at some point in their life. But most only do when they are in their 60ies or 70ies. So they never got their FU money, they worked all their life. Now they are old and probably too exhausted to live life to the fullest.

So becoming wealthy isn’t about hitting one million dollars someday. It’s about financing your desired life as fast as possible. So you can live life on your terms right away. You actually can’t afford to wait.

Myth #4 |  You Have To Be Lucky

Broke people rely on luck to get rich. They buy lottery tickets and wish for a miracle – instead of just getting up and doing the work. Do you know the odds of winning in the lottery? For single state lotteries, it’s 18 million to one.
“According to, you are 450,000 to 3 million times more likely to die in an asteroid collision in the year 2029 than to win the lottery”
So relying on luck to get your FU money isn’t an option. But it’s also the reason why only a few people ever reach their goals. Going after what you want is hard. It requires work. Most people would rather sit on their couch and watch Netflix.

Myth #5 |  You Have To Be A Cheapskate

Conventional wisdom in the financial world looks somewhat like this. Save every penny. Don’t get that Starbuck coffee in the morning. Life small so you have money for your retirement. Don’t buy expensive gifts for your partner. Stay at your job and put some money in a mutual fund.
Living like that will never get you to a life on your own terms. It’s a life of scarcity and limitations.

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t save any money – you should. What you shouldn’t do, however, is keep your money tight, when you actually want more from life. What can you do? Focus on increasing your income. Find ways to detach your income from your time. You might want to look into what I call “high-income skills.”

Myth #6 |  You Have To Get Rich Slow

When people hear “get rich quick” they instantly become skeptical. They think they have to play it save and get there slowly. But the truth is, safety is an illusion. People who invested in the stock market, though it’s safe and the best way to get rich – until the stock market crashed.
Most wealthy people I know made their fortune within 3-7 years. They did so through businesses or investments. When you are only starting out, the best way to go about it is this:

Develop a high-income skill

Build a scalable business (a business that depends less on your time)

Focus on high-return investments.

Myth #7 |  You Have To Work Hard To Make Money

Conventional wisdom would like you to believe that money has to be earned the hard way. It’s even in our language “don’t use your hard-earned money on XYZ.” When you trade your time for money, then your money is earned the hard way.

To get easy money, your time and presence aren’t necessary. For example, you could have an online store and sell things there. As long as you believe that you have to work hard to make money, it won’t get easy. Getting your FU money is all about your mindset.
What would you rather have? A life on your own terms or a life where you have to trade in your time? Don’t let your beliefs limit you.

Myth #8 |  You Have To Be Perfectly Ready

Now most people, wait until they are ready. The problem is, you are never fully ready. Waiting until all is perfect will only get you into “analysis paralysis”. It makes you unable to act.
Just start, even if you don’t know yet how to do it. To get to success, you probably have to fail a few times. Why? Because you learn from your mistakes. Failure is valuable feedback.
Now, this is only a brief summary of the 8 myths that I address in the FU money book. Removing the limiting beliefs is essential so you achieve your “enough is enough” money fast. What’s more, the chapters after that tell you exactly which mindset to adapt instead. Being wealthy goes hand in hand with a wealthy mindset.


As I said, FU money isn’t for everyone. Why? Because getting there is tough.
When you want to live life on your terms, fulfill your dreams, provide for your family, buy your dream car – whatever it is – you probably have to change a few things.
When all your friends are broke, you might need to stop listening to them. Or stop hanging out with them altogether.
You also need to learn to take ownership. When your life sucks, it’s probably your fault. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but all rich people take ownership. Broke people, they blame others. People who want to reach FU money, find out what they are doing wrong, take ownership and learn more

To get your FU money, you also have to be an action taker. When you check out the book I will tell you about my friend who was in a risky situation and still was able to buy his dream home. You have to do what most people can’t do. You probably have to make some sacrifices now, so you can live your life later.
With the right mindset, you will leave conventional wisdom behind and stop limiting yourself. You will develop unshakable confidence so that you can say “FU” to other people. People will try to bring you down. They will tell you you can’t do it. That’s why you need the confidence to do it anyway

Success comes when it comes when you are commiting to one idea overtime.
No one needs you to be succeed that’s how it goes.
You will have to fight and push through a world of lies, unsupportive mindsets, struggles and hardships to move closer to your goal every single day


If your life stinks, it’s your own damn fault

every business is a reflection of our own, if it is a failure, it’s a incompetence in your part.
There are 3 kind of people according to dan lok.

who wait for things to happen

people who make things happen

people who make wonder what the fu** just happened.

“You must determine the price that you will have to pay to achieve the success and then get busy paying the price.”~H.L. Hunt(Texas oil tycoon)

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